Center for Research and Evidence-Based Practice

The Center for Research and Evidence-Based Practice aims to guide faculty and students in the development of collaborative research and evidence-based practice to improve health outcomes. The Center promotes interprofessional research and provides support and resources for the development of research proposals and evidence-based practice projects, specifically preparation and editing of documents and administrative processes related to the Institutional Human Rights Committee (IRB), among others.



  • Mentoring, trainings, seminars and workshops.
  • Materials and programs to facilitate evidence-based research and practice activities.
  • Support in identifying intramural / extra-mural financing mechanisms.
  • Technical support for the development and monitoring of proposals and budgets.
  • Support to process IRB applications.
  • Contact expert resources for support in methodology, statistics and editing.
  • Support for database searches.
  • Support in development of evidence-based projects, presentations and posters.
  • Support for interprofessional projects.
  • Training research assistants, in IRB, conducting interviews and data entry.
  • Editing documents related to research proposals, projects and manuscripts based on evidence.


Useful Links


NIH And Research Resources


Evidence-based Practice (EBP) Resources


Writing, Poster & Abstract Development Resources



Solymar S. Solis Baez
Director Center for Research and Evidence-Based Practice
787-758-2525, Ext. 2186, 1217