Bioinformatics – In a simple way

Suppose that:

Genes are book chapters.




Amino acids are words.




Transcription and translation are reading a book from start to end  =  understanding it.




A genome is a collection of books telling a big story  =  the story of someone’s life.



Then, what about bioinformatics?

  • It is the only way to analyze the whole story!
  • To read all the books one by one would be extremely time consuming.
  • The use of a computer is required.
  • Computational biologists use computers to help understand the story of our lives.

Health Informatics – In a simple way

It is the expertise of medical or healthcare informatics professionals. 

That helps healthcare organizations to determine which data provides the best information for the: treatment, process or practice that is being evaluated, and how to use data to support decisions and development of best practices.


Solve the Clues of Computing Life

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