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The Center for Environmental and Toxicological Research was founded in the year 1994, with initial funding by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-EPSCoR in Consortium with the University of Puerto Rico (read more about the formation here). The Centers headquarters is located at the UPR Medical Sciences Campus, under the School of Medicine in the Department of Biochemistry and provides the infrastructure to support interdisciplinary research among 12 scientists and 27 graduate students from various campuses of the UPR educational system. The Center investigates the effects of pollutants in areas of environmental concern in Puerto Rico. The Center also maintains an avenue of communication with the general public by informing and educating on specific environmental and toxicological issues.


In addition, it currently houses the Human Subjects and sampling Core C facilities for the Superfund PROTECT Center (Puerto Rico Test Site for Exploring Contamination Threats). The Center is a collaboration of experts in engineering, public health, and biomedical and environmental sciences, with the dual goal of (1) reducing exposure to environmental contamination and (2) reducing the preterm birth rate in Puerto Rico and beyond.


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