Research Administration at UPR MSC impacts all units across the institution. The Deanship for Research (DfR) and the institutional regulatory committees (IRB, IACUC & IBC) are the principal units in charge of these functions. However, throughout the research project lifecycle, Investigators, Students, Administrators, Department Chairs, Deans and other personnel perform research administration functions.


The research cycle encompasses the following stages: finding funding, developing proposals; routing and submitting proposals; award and negotiation; project setup; project management and closeout. Throughout the entire research cycle, research ethics and compliance in the form of protection of human subjects, animal care and use, biosafety and conflict of interest must be monitored.


As the leading research institution in Puerto Rico, we must gain efficiency, transparency and accuracy to manage and increase research projects while leveraging existing resources.


The implementation of Streamlyne Research, an electronic research administration cloud-based platform, will assist the institution to enhance its research enterprise. Streamlyne’s 99% availability through any web browser will ensure accessibility for its users, regardless of their location, while maintaining the highest security and redundancy standards.


As a powerful and robust tool, Streamlyne will enable us to leverage resources to integrate, manage and automate grant proposals and projects throughout their life cycle. It will provide access to data, produce reports, reduce manual tasks, reduce paper documents and repeated data entry. Integrations with SIA – HRMS, SIA UFIS and CITI Programs are being implemented to avoid rekeying.

Project Scope and Proposed Implementation Timeline

In Fall 2022, IRB Module is on-line. Pre-award and Post-Award will go live in Spring 2023.

Future Direction

In fiscal year 2023, other modules related to compliance and regulatory committees will be implemented.

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