The Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmaceutical Sciences Program aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the discovery and development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical drugs, and their involvement in the treatment of disease.



To educate students who will improve the quality of life of the community through interdisciplinary research that will advance scientific knowledge in pharmaceutical sciences.


Graduate Profile

  1. Critical thinking
  2. Problem solving and decision making
  3. Communication and informatics
  4. Ethics
  5. Ability to work independently and in group settings
  6. Self-learning
  7. Leadership


Employment Opportunities

Though its graduate profile, the Ph.D. program will develop leaders of innovation and research in the pharmaceutical sciences. The program will provide the opportunity to develop the body of knowledge and skills needed to be successful in future employment in:

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Government
  • Academia


The program consists of 60 credits as follows:


Core Courses
22 credits
Specialized Courses
Research 18 (6 semesters x 3 credits)
Thesis 3 credits
Total 60 credits



Core Course
PHSC 8516 Principles of Pharmaceutical Sciences 3
PHSC 8338 Business, Quality and Project 3
PHSC 8447 Principles of Drug Discovery and Drug Development 3
PHSC 8116 Advanced Instrumental Analysis 3
PHSC 8236 Applied Biostatistic 3
PHSC 8335 Ethics in Research 2
PHSC 8425 Laboratory Rotation 1
PHSC 8602 Seminar I 1
PHSC 8602 Seminar II 1
PHSC 8600 Principles In Research Design 2
Total 22 credits

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After completion of the core courses, students will enter a mentor-driven, individualized program for their further development, in which they can specialize in one of three tracks. The student will select one of the tracks and carry out a competitive and innovative research project in the area, leading to a Doctoral Thesis. The three different tracks that initially will be offered are:


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