Summary of Strategic Goals


1.   Academic Excellence   


  • Achieve recognition as a leader institution for its excellence in Pharmacy education.
  • Maintain the faculty and non-faculty staff necessary to fulfill the School’s mission.
  • Continue to foster and strengthen collaborative initiatives within the School, the Medical Sciences Campus, the UPR and with other institutions.
  • Develop a consistent and open process to gather external stakeholders’ feedback on planning and continuous improvement efforts.


2.  Research


  • Achieve recognition as a leader institution for its interdisciplinary, collaborative, and competitive research at the local, national and international level.


3.          Technology      


  • Optimize the effective use of all technological media to showcase the School’s productivity in education, research and services.


4.   Financial Resources


  • Maximize the use of financial resources and secure income of external funding sources.
  • Continue to lower power consumption in the School of Pharmacy.


5.          Service    


  • Continue to foster and strengthen the collaborative service initiatives between the School of Pharmacy and other institutions.