General Information
The Budget Office reports directly to the Chancellor. It has the responsibility of preparing and implementing the budget in accordance with institutional goals and programmatic activities.


The Office aids the Chancellor and the deans in the preparation of the yearly budget and evaluates its adequacy to meet institutional needs. It also analyzes and makes recommendations on budgeting projections, assesses work plans submitted in terms of their financial impact, and estimates financial costs of the creation or reorganization of academic programs or other units.


The Budget Office is an adviser to the Chancellor in budgetary matters. The aim of the Office is to be a facilitating and promoting agent for the entire academic and administrative community in the development of the goals established in the Strategic Plan of the Medical Sciences Campus.

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Physical Address
Office 761A
7th floor
Dr. Guillermo Arbona Irizarry Building (main building)

(787) 756-6526
(787) 758-2525 Ext. 1701, 1702, 1890

(787) 753-4531