The Office of Academic Development (ODA, Spanish Acronym) is a service unit located in the Dean of Academic Affairs Medical Sciences Campus. Our ultimate goal is the continuous improvement of student learning and excellence of education in the campus. We are dedicated to providing support to teachers, particularly directed to the interpretation, development and thoughtful implementation of policies and procedures to guide the academic work and the continuous enrichment of teaching and learning.

The Scope of action of ODA is:

  • Professional development of teachers
  • Creation and academic exchange
  • Policies and academic procedures

What services do we offer?

  • Design and coordination of development activities for teachers, including teachers occupying administrative positions;
  • Networking collaboration particularly with other academic units and RCM service, and the Vice President of Academic Affairs;
  • Orientation to new faculty;
  • Individual and group counseling in matters of curriculum development, curriculum and teaching and learning;
  • Review of proposals for academic exchange (including the entire spectrum of changes, from ongoing change registered to creation of academic programs);
  • Review of reports of implementation of academic programs;
  • Creation of an official document for certification grade and recommendations for change notes;
  • Information gathering, updating and dissemination of institutional documents such as: MSC Catalog, the Registrar Manual, Faculty and Teaching Manual;
  • Screening of information collected for recognition of the degree of people to be recruited as faculty in the RCM.

Brunilda Príncipe Pabellón


Luis E. Estremera de Jesús


Phone Number:

787-758-2525 ext. 1718