To provide the information basis and necessary knowledge for planning, decision making, continuous improvement, evaluation, effective administration, and allocation of resources that facilitate the accomplishment of the institutional mission.



  • Facilitate the planning process through the production and analysis of relevant information that evidences the fulfillment of the mission and strategic goals of the institution.
  • Encourage institutional assessment through the collection of quantitative and qualitative indicators, and the corresponding analysis to monitor the institution’s performance.
  • Empower the leaders in charge of accreditation, assessment, strategic planning and budgeting processes providing with useful information that allows them to carry out the critical analysis necessary to demonstrate compliance with accreditation standards, assessment plans, strategic plans and justify decision making.



  • Quality and Excellent Service
  • Honesty
  • Promptness
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Commitment


Functional Responsibilities

  • It serves as the official source of data and analysis of information on the operations of Medical Science Campus.
  • To develop databases and cultures in the institution, establishing information standards and definitions to allow a clear and common understanding among the units that comprise the Medical Sciences Campus.
  • Analyze data that provide information for administrative decision making, strategic planning, management, accreditation and process evaluation.
  • Provides data to internal and external constituents on enrollment, retention, graduation, transfers, results and survey findings to assess compliance with strategic and institutional goals.
  • Generates institutional data for publication that shows the institution’s compliance with the reporting requirement of the federal government (US Department of Education, National Institute of Health, National Science Foundation, among others), the UPR-Central Administration, the Institute of Statistics of Puerto Rico and other agencies that request data at the national level.
  • Provides university leadership and external clients with the necessary support in the proper use of institutional information for strategic planning, assessment accreditations and the distribution of resources.
  • Establishes the mechanisms to ensure and maintain the quality and integrity of the information and analyzes generated.
  • It conducts studies and research focused on the analysis of important issues for the institution and shares the results with MSC leaders to facilitate institutional learning and strengthen the institution’s capacity to innovate and improve its results.
  • Organize, manage and generate reports on surveys to the university community.
  • Maintain and supervises institutional data repositories (enrollment, graduates, teaching staff, research projects and publications of the faculty, among others), seeking the highest level of integrity.
  • Coordinates and prepares the Annual Report of the Medical Sciences Campus.
  • Collaborates with the Dean of Academic Affairs in the development, implementation and evaluation of the institution’s strategic plan.
  • Collaborates with the President of the Institutional Assessment Committee in the development, implementation and evaluation of the institutional assessment plan and the institutional learning assessment plan.
  • It provides the mechanisms for updating the skills and knowledge of the office staff through workshops and training activities.


Organizational Chart



   Institutional Statistics


   Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS)

      Academic Libraries Data




      Fall Enrollment


      Finance Data


      Human Resources


      Institutional Characteristics


      Month Enrollment


      Outcomes Measures


      Student Financial Aid Data




Staff Directory

Dr. Wanda L. Barreto

Researcher and Director


Ext. 1712


Prof. María E. Quintero

Assistant Researcher


Ext. 1783


Mr. José A. Caro

Statistical Officer


Ext. 1892