The Deanship for Academic Affairs of the Medical Sciences Campus was created in 1976 as part of a reorganization of the Campus. The Deanship is charged with the responsibility of overseeing those academic processes that pertain to all schools, such as development of new academic programs, curricular revisions, continuing education, faculty development, accreditation processes, and coordination of interdisciplinary activities. The Deanship for Academic Affairs is in charge of academic service units including the Library, the Center for Technological Support in Academia, the Central Continuing Education Division, the AIDS Education and Training Center and the Teaching and Research Assistantship Program.

In addition, it comprises the Academic Development Office, the Accreditation and Licensure Office, Registrar’s Office, Institutional Research, Planning and Assessment Office, Women and Health Center, Research Centers in Minority Institutions Program (RCMI), Minority Biomedical Research Support Program MBRS-RISE, Neurobiology Institute, Behavioral Sciences Research Institute, Puerto Rico Comprehensive Center for the Study of HIV Disparities, Puerto Rico Health Sciences Journal PRHSJ, Healh Sciences History Institute, Title V COOP Project and the Bioethics Institute. All research related units are described in the section on Research Facilities and Programs.

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