The Administrative Office works in collaboration with the units under the Deanship for Academic Affairs. It offers administrative support to some of the units that are under the Office of the Dean, such as Office of Accreditation, Office of Academic Development, Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment Office, and the Registrar’s Office. Among the primary functions are: advise the Dean in administrative matters such as managing budget assigned to the Office of the Dean, proceeding personnel transactions, purchase orders, etc., according to the institutional policies and the University regulations.


Our Office is located in the main building of the Medical Sciences Campus, 7th floor, Office A-745. The administrative documents are in the Intranet page of the MSC.


The following are office personnel:

Gastón Rodríguez Ortiz
Special Assistant to the Dean


Mr. Luis D. Rivera Peña
Accountant Assistant III


Mrs. Jansé M. Vázquez Rodríguez

Assistant to the Dean’s Special Assistant


Mrs. Ivelisse Cruz Santiago



Ms. Viviana García Domenech



Mr. Oscar Nieves Torres

Specialist in Computer Systems and Telecommunications


Phone Numbers:

787-758-2525 ext. 1724, 1725, 1726

787-758-8189 (direct phone)
787-754-1844 (fax)