The Central Division for Continuing Education and Professional Studies (DECEP for its Spanish acronym), was created in 1981, and transferred to the Deanship for Academic Affairs in 1985.  The Division is committed for foster the continuing development of physicians as well as other health professionals in Puerto Rico.  The Division fulfills its role through identify educational needs of physicians and other health professionals.  Based on results from the need assessment process, the Division plans, organizes and evaluates continuing education activities.  It also collaborate with health related organizations, agencies and associations to provide continuing education credits to educational activities offer by those entities.  In addition its offers support to other Continuing Education Units on campus and oversees compliance with institutional continuing education policies and the government’s ethics program for public employees.

The Division had been designated as a continuing education provider by the Puerto Rico Board of Licensing and Medical Discipline and the Puerto Rico Office of Regulation and Certification of Health Professionals at the Department of Health.


Responsible Person:

Prof. Ivonne Morales Montalvo, MSW
Tel. 787-759-6528



Dr. José Guillermo Arbona Building (main building)
7th Floor, Room A-746
Medical Sciences Campus