Welcome to the Deanship for Academic Affairs of the University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus.  The goal of the Deanship is to provide support and its expertise to the six professionals schools of our campus: Medicine, Dental Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health and Health Professions; in the accomplishment of the mission of the Medical Sciences Campus.  Some of the services provided are:

  • Library Services
  • Faculty Development
  • Assistance in Curriculum Development
  • Support for the development of professional schools self-study documents and accreditation processes
  • Learning Technological Support
  • Support in grant submission and scientific writing (RCMI and MBRS Programs)
  • Strategic planning, institutional assessment and evaluation of faculty, programs and services
  • Continuing Education for Health Professionals, among others

Support to the professional schools is provided by the different learning, service and research units that make up the Deanship.  These are:



  • Library,
  • Center for Technological Support in Academia
  • Central Division for Continuing Education
  • AIDS Education and Training Center
  • Teaching and Research Assistantship Program
  • Puerto Rico Health Sciences Journal



  • Academic Development Office
  • Accreditation and Licensure Office
  • Registrar’s Office
  • Institutional Research, Planning and Assessment Office
  • Health Sciences History Institute
  • Bioethics Institute.



  • Institute of Neurobiology
  • Behavioral Sciences Research Institute
  • Research Center in Minority Institutions (RCMI) Program
  • Women’s Health Center
  • Puerto Rico Comprehensive Center for the Study of HIC Disparities
  • Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement (RISE) Program
  • Minority Biomedical Research Support (MBRS) Program

We promote and emphasize the engagement of students in active, self-directed learning, patient service and community engagement. Students are encouraged to evaluate existing and new evidence-based practices, to contribute to growing scientific knowledge bases, to learn about the social determinants of health and its impact on the population, and to expand their critical thinking skills in an effort to respond to the rapid changes 21st-century health care delivery system.

Our faculty is nationally acclaimed for its healthcare services, its research in health disparities, health policy, cancer, obesity prevention, oncology care, thus fostering student leadership and increasing collaborative ties with our partners at local, national, and international levels.