Letter from the Self-Study Co-Chairs

Welcome to our MSCHE Self-Study Visit webpage. As you know, the University of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences Campus submitted the Self-Study Report 2020-2021 to the MSCHE. We thank the academic community for the help and support through the self-study process.


For the past 18 months, the academic community has worked on gathering the data and evidence of compliance with all standards and requirements. This self-study process was different because it was accomplished during the COVID-19 Pandemic through lockdowns, teaching, research, and meetings utilizing distance learning formats and complex and intense clinical responsibilities. A special thanks to the members of the Self-Study Steering Committee and Standards Subcommittees. Especially Dr. José Capriles, Past Steering Committee Chair and Past Interim Dean for Academic Affairs, and Prof. Zulma I Olivieri, former Steering Committee Co-Chair and Co-Coordinator, Institutional and Student Learning Assessment Committee, for an excellent job of leading this self-study process.


The MSCHE has accredited the MSC since before 1974. The last MSCHE reaffirmation visit was in 2011. This Self-Study Visit or reaffirmation visit is scheduled for November 7-10, 2021. In preparation for this visit, we had the Preliminary Visit from the Chair of the Self-Study Visit Team of Peer Evaluators, Dr. Pedro Uribe, on September 1 and 2, 2021. During this Preliminary Visit, the Chair met with the steering committee, chancellor, deans, administration representatives, students, faculty, staff of each school, Academic Senate, and Administrative Board members. After receiving feedback from the Chair, the MSC completed the Self-Study Report and the evidence inventory and submitted all documents on September 23, 2021.


This webpage will serve as an orientation site regarding the MSCHE reaffirmation process. In addition, anyone can provide feedback and ask questions through the links provided for these purposes. This page contains a button for the “Self-Study Report” so you can all read the final report. There is another button for “Information Capsules” to maintain the academic community informed.


Once again, the UPR MSC academic community has demonstrated the resilience that has characterized the Puerto Rican population through natural disasters, financial crisis, and now a pandemic. We assert that we meet all standards for accreditation and requirements of affiliation.

Débora H. Silva, MD, M.Ed.
Interim Dean for Academic Affairs,
Professor, School of Medicine
Chair, MSCHE Self-Study Steering Committee

Arlene Sánchez, DMD, MHSA
Professor, School of Dental Medicine
Co-Chair, MSCHE Self-Study Steering Committee


If you have any questions about the site visit, please submit your question here.