General Information

The Health Education and Health Promotion bachelor program is the perfect choice for individuals seeking a unique professional baccalaureate in the health profession in Puerto Rico. This program is tailored to develop academic-practical competencies in health promotion and health education, allowing graduates to seamlessly integrate into the workforce as health educators or pursue further graduate studies. With a curriculum that meets the highest standards in the industry, this program is an excellent investment in your future.

¿What Makes Us Unique?

  • Academic program of two years.
  • Courses in Social Marketing, Health Communication, Health Promotion, Human Sexuality, Mental Health, Social Determinants of Health, Nutrition and Physical Activity, Program Evaluation, and Epidemiology, among others.
  • Practical experiences for the development of professional skills in real scenarios.
  • Job opportunities in various public, private, and federal government settings.
  • Academic preparation to pursue graduate studies in Public Health.

Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission, applicants must comply with the following requirements:

  • Satisfactorily approve 51 credits in the following courses, taken at an accredited institution of higher education, in or outside the country.


Spanish 6 credits
English 6 credits
Social Sciences *6 credits
Biological Sciences *6 credits
Human Development During Life Cycle 3 credits
Human Biology; General Anatomy or Anatomy and Physiology *6 credits
General Psychology *3 credits
Mathematics (College Algebra) 3 credits
Elective Courses 12 credits

All courses must be approved with a minimum grade of C, have a general index of 2.50, and a specific index of 2.75*, plus a group interview, evaluated by a rubric.

To graduate, the student must:

  • Approve 124 credits courses, from which 51 must be approved before being admitted to the program.
  • Obtain a minimum overall grade point average of 2.00. Courses of the Professional Componentmust be approved with a minimum of C, while the courses under Practical Experiences must be approved with at least 85%, to be passed.
  • Demonstrate professional conduct according to the established code of ethics of the profession.
  • Comply with the rules of the program and the regulations related to the institution’s graduation requirements.
  • The maximum time to complete the requirements of the degree to be offered in the proposed program in the MSC will be four years, two years in MSC, and two additional years within the percentage of academic progress to complete the baccalaureate in 4 years. The extra time, as defined in the Registry Manual of the MSC, establishes six years as the maximum time to grant the degree.

Program Faculty

Dr. Alexie M. Lugo Canales, Acting Program Director

Dr. Lourdes E. Soto de Laurido, MPHE, MHS honoris causa

Dr. Ada Mildred Alemán-Batista, MPHE, MT

Physical Address

Medical Center Complex
Monacillo Area, Río Piedras, Puerto Rico
School of Health Professions Main Building, 2nd floor, Office #225

Contact Information

Director: 787-758-2525, ext.  3420

Administrative Assistant: 787-758-2525, ext. 3419