General Information

The Bachelor’s in Health Education and Health Promotion offers a terminal professional baccalaureate. Its curriculum is based on the development of academic-practical competencies in health promotion and health education. So, once the graduates are finished, they will be able to integrate immediately into the work scenario as a health educator or opt for graduate studies in different areas.

Admission Requirements

In order to be considered for admission, applicants must comply with the following requirements:

  • Satisfactorily approve 51 credits in the following courses, taken at an accredited institution of higher education, in or outside the country.


Spanish 6 credits
English 6 credits
Social Sciences *6 credits
Biological Sciences *6 credits
Human Development During Life Cycle 3 credits
Human Biology; General Anatomy or Anatomy and Physiology *6 credits
General Psychology *3 credits
Mathematics (College Algebra) 3 credits
Elective Courses 12 credits

All courses must be approved with a minimum grade of C, have a general index of 2.50, and a specific index of 2.75*, plus a group interview, evaluated by a rubric.

In order to graduate, the student must:

  • Approve 124 credits courses, from which 51 must be approved before being admitted to the program.
  • Obtain a minimum overall grade point average of 2.00. Courses of the Professional Component must be approved with a minimum of C, while the courses under Practical Experiences must be approved with at least 85%, in order to be passed or not passed.
  • Demonstrate a professional conduct according to the established code of ethics of the profession.
  • Comply with the rules of the program and with the regulations related to the graduation requirements of the institution.
  • The maximum time to complete the requirements of the degree to be offered in the proposed program in the MSC will be four years, 2 years in MSC and have 2 additional years within the percentage of academic progress to complete the baccalaureate in 4 years. The additional time, as defined in the Registry Manual of the MSC, establishes 6 years as the maximum time to grant the degree.

Program Faculty

Dr. Ada Mildred Alemán-Batista, Program Director

Dr. Lourdes E. Soto de Laurido, MPHE

Physical Address

Medical Center Complex
Monacillo Area, Río Piedras, Puerto Rico
School of Health Professions Main Building, 7 floor, Office #710

Contact Information

Director: 787-758-2525, ext.  4505
Secretary: 787-758-2525, ext. 4500
Direct phone: 787-751-3623