School of higher education at the forefront in the formation of health professionals, with a diversity of specialized and nationally accredited academic programs. Educates future professionals in an integrated manner to improve the health status of Puerto Rico in alliance with the community. Committed to excellence, leadership, and interprofessional and international collaboration in the academic, research, service, and continued education areas. 


Leader school, in constant practice of a transformative education which empower students to impact the society’s health care and the quality of life within a global context.


  • Excellence while performing optimally our duties in all endeavors of teaching, research, and service at institutional, professional, and service levels.
  • Dignity while recognizing that each human being is unique, respecting diversity in fostering an integral development of all physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and social aspects.
  • Integrity while complying with the highest ethical principles, standards, and human and professional values.
  • Prudence while discerning, using the reasoning and the reflection to respond with judgment to academic, professional, and social endeavors.
  • Responsibility while advocating and fulfilling in an interprofessional manner the social, environmental, and integral health needs for the well-being of the communities.
  • Altruism while fostering society’s well-being putting professional responsibilities before own needs and promoting voluntary service.