The University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus is committed to maintaining an ethical culture and values. To achieve this commitment the promotion of ethics in the workplace has always had positive results on aspects of organizational climate, productivity and professional growth. In public service, the framework for the promotion of ethics is provided by the Ethics in Government Act (Act No. 12 of July 24, 1985, as amended) This is the legal framework to govern the conduct of public servants in the executive branch (this includes public corporations, municipalities, consortia and special municipal development corporations). It is a law advanced in terms of topics and issues with which intervenes and in terms of tools and strategies created to promote ethical conduct. Knowledge of this law is important for compliance. For this reason, this link has been prepared in order to keep them informed of the rules relating to the Ethics Act. For more information on this law and its implications can contact:
Lcda. Rosa I. Martínez Addarich
President of the Ethics Committee
787-758-2525 ext. 2274

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